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Persuasive Research Topics and their Role of Successful Persuasive Essay


Persuasive essays are the most thrilling and challenging academic assignments as they require the mastery of argumentation, excellent writing skills and ability to draw the public to certain conclusions. The power of persuasive essays is certainly dependable on the concern of general public to the issue under discussion. That’s why persuasive research topics define the focus of the essay and its overall success.


Students have a large selection of interesting research topics as well as a large list there are , which can be realized not only in persuasive essays, but also in other popular formats - critical essays, comparative essays, analytical essays, and others. The crucial point, however, is to make the persuasive topic explicit, debatable, and plausible. It is necessary to make the topic appealing to the reader in order to grab his or her attention from the very first paragraph. These are topics that involve a large number of opposing views that must be reconciled or refuted as part of the writer's vision of the problem.


Persuasive essay format assumes picking up convincing arguments to covert the reader to one’s point of view. A writer has to find common ground to base his arguments on. At the same time he has to approach question from different experiences and backgrounds. He has to view an issue being discussed from different angles and foresee possible arguments against his position so be able to refute them.


Defending or opposing an argument the writer tries to give an answer to this or that question. It is important that the argument has logical reasoning. It is impossible to convince readers if the paper lacks logics of discussion. The whole paper is brought together due to clearly defined thesis or specific point one is going to defend. This focus of the essay will be supported in the rest of the paper. A thesis should not be too broad as it can distract the readers from the main point.



Persuasion is always based on the use of strong language. Descriptive and figurative language that uses on service - is what makes an essay more persuasive. Choosing appropriate metaphors, similes, or other descriptive techniques can win with emotional reasoning backed by a logical flow of arguments.


It is also important to remember that values and assumptions that underlie writer’s thinking are not the only correct ones. The writer needs to support his position intelligently without attacking other viewpoints and not ‘preaching’ to the reader. His position should be based on clear and understandable argumentation.


These basic rules of persuasive research writing can be embodied in the following persuasive research topics:


• Vegetarian diet vs meat diet;
• family values and open marriage;
• Academic education vs. practical experience;
• Children rearing by mothers or fathers;
• Banning smoking in public places;
• Eating at home or fast food restaurants.


One can find more persuasive research topics in phd dissertation editing services which are of interest to broad public. However, the most important thing to remember about this type of essay is whatever topic is chosen, it should be of interest to the writer and within his scope of knowledge.



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